Domestic Violence...

Believe It. Help Change It.



You can help end domestic violence in Kansas.

10 Things You Can Do

Can I Really Help End Domestic Violence?

There are Many Things You Can Do.
Yes, there are many things you can do to help victims of domestic violence.  You've already taken the first step by visiting this website.  The "10 Things" list features a variety of ideas to help get you started.

Every Step Makes a Difference.
Choose the ideas that feel comfortable for you and click for detailed information.  Don't be overwhelmed.  Every small step that YOU take moves ALL OF US one step closer to ending domestic violence in Kansas.


 graphic by svilen mushkatov  Know a Victim?

   1.    Listen 
    2.    Believe
    3.    Provide Support
    4.    Make a Referral:

10 Things You Can Do
to End Domestic Violence

Click on each idea below for detailed information.

    1.    Know the Facts

    2.    Learn the Resources  
           (888) END-ABUSE and find programs 
           serving your area.
    3.    Look & Listen
           Learn to recognize signs of abuse and 
           how to start a conversation about it.

    4.    Be a Safe Friend
             Learn how to provide support.
    5.    Seek Support
           Find services in your community.
    6.    Speak Up
           Learn how to speak up against messages
           that support or excuse violence.

    7.    Get Involved
           Every small step counts.

    8.    Advocate for Change
           How to get your community involved.

    9     Teach Others            
            How to prepare future generations to have
            healthy relationships.

    10.    Donate
             Gifts of time and resources are invaluable.